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My homebirth story

February 25, 2009

Everyone loves a good birth story…well those who have given birth do anyway! Micah was my first baby born at home so I thought it might be a fun post to document his birth and tell you a little bit about my homebirth experience.

I’d always fancied birthing my babies at home but when N & J were born we were living in rented accommodation and it didn’t really seem like ‘home’ if you know what I mean! When I fell pregnant with little M I knew straight away that I wanted to give birth in the comfort of my own home; I’d read and heard of so many birth experiences that I just had to give it a go! Dave wasn’t so convinced straight off (which is fine; we need one ‘logical’ person in our home!) but in time could see what a great experience it could be!

I bond with my babies very early in pregnancy; in fact before M was even conceived I was praying and prophesying over him – I began to pray very specifically about the details of the pregnancy and the birth; even down to details such as no tearing, no cord round neck etc. The bible says that faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God so I believe confession is very powerful; day after day I prayed for our child and confessed out loud, in faith, how this baby was going to come into the world.

M was due on the 14th July 2008. I was all signed off for my homebirth, the midwife had dropped a big yellow bin bag round with some very interesting things in and I had my Tesco shower curtains and birthing ball at the ready!!

Dave and I climbed into bed at around 11.30pm; we were chatting, I laid down, rolled over and ‘whoosh’ I had my first experience of my waters braking before labour had kicked in. I was giddy with excitement and jumped out of bed which of course brought on more ‘whooshing’!! I phoned the hospital who told me to go to sleep and wait to see what happened…SLEEP…SLEEP – how was I supposed to do that?

The first thing we did was go downstairs and clear/clean the kitchen, tidy up the living room and got out everything in readiness of the arrival of our third born in case it all ‘kicked off’ in the middle of the night…it didn’t!

The next morning I was having mild contractions; the midwife came round to check me and announced I was around 2cm dilated. Dave’s parents came to take N & J out for the day and to have them overnight if it was needed (it was needed and was a blessing). The midwife left and said to phone again when the contractions got stronger and we needed help; in the mean time I had to take my temperature every 4 hours due to my waters not being intact (could get an infection).

Dave and I set ourselves up for the day; I ate lightly, we watched a bit of TV and tried to play connect 4 in between the building contractions. By 5pm labour had really kicked in – this is normal for the way I give birth; slow start to established labour, hit around 3/4cm and it all speeds up from there. We called the midwife at around 5pm, she came over and examined me again and I was 4cm, the contractions were getting stronger so she decided to stay. At this point she brought in heaps and heaps of equipment (which she never used); they really are ready for any situation.

As she got settled with a cup of tea and my contractions were coming quicker I noticed Dave looking pretty ill; what I didn’t realise is that he’d been feeling ill most of the day and didn’t want to tell me – now he couldn’t hide it he looked terrible, he was shivering and couldn’t get warm (on a hot July evening). We talked, we prayed, he even went to lay down for a while – I continued to contract.

Despite Dave being ill the atmosphere was amazing; we had candles lit, worship music on and I just paced the length of our dining/living room over and over again! As time passed by the contractions were coming fast and furious, Dave was being super strong and helping me through every contraction, the midwife called for midwife no. 2 and starting asking me how I wanted to give birth. Midwife no. 2 arrived, at this point I couldn’t look up, couldn’t speak – I was completely focussed on getting through every contraction; I just motioned to her with my hand as a form of ‘hello’.

The moment of complete intensity came where it seemed there was no break in between contractions; I motioned and muttered something to do with ‘gas and air’ to which midwife no. 2 started to struggle with a strange looking case, some bits of plastic and a tube. I remember saying ‘I need to push’ and clambering on to my birthing ball, kneeling up against it whilst still trying to put the mouth piece to the gas and air in my mouth. I breathed in and out and thought ‘I don’t feel any different’, then realised it wasn’t attached to the canister, the midwife told me to forget it and put it aside as baby was coming!

I pushed with all my might and muffled my cry into the pillow in front of my face, calling out for Jesus to help me; he was coming quickly. I could hear Dave saying that he could see his head and encouraging me to keep going. I intently listened to the midwife’s instructions to ‘STOP pushing and ‘puff’ as my body gave birth to the precious head of Micah Hudson Boden. She then told me that she was checking for the cord…and just as I had prayed it was nowhere near his neck! One more big push and out he came – PRAISE GOD; I had done it; again!

At 10.35pm on the 14th July 2008 (due date) Micah Hudson Boden came into the world.

The midwife passed Micah under me so I could hold his slippery body, he had HEAPS of hair and looked the same weight as N & J had (he was 2oz lighter than them; weighing in at 8lb 9oz). Dave cut the cord and then quickly ran upstairs to be sick (not because of the cord; he loves that bit, it was due to him being ill)!!

The midwife whilst checking me told me she was convinced I had torn as Micah had big shoulders; but of course just like I had prayed; absolutely no stitches required.

Midwife no.2 took Micah to weigh him; at this point Dave re-appeared looking pale but relieved and told the midwife that he wanted to pray for his son. The midwives were so sweet and respectful; they both stopped what they were doing and closed their eyes whilst Dave laid his hands on his newborn son and prayed a fathers blessing over him; I was sobbing in the corner revelling in the amazing blessing of God and feeling so grateful to have been able to experience all this in our own home.

After a bath, a cup of tea and our precious first breastfeed we said goodbye to our lovely midwives and got tucked up in bed, our own bed!

Dave recovered after a couple of days; turns out he had some kind of virus which happened to trigger off at that perfect moment! N & J returned early the next morning to excitedly greet their new brother.

I can’t believe that was over 7 months ago; my homebirth was an amazing experience; so peaceful and powerful. Micah Hudson continues to be a great joy in our life; such a content and happy baby; we thank God for adding another blessing to us.

Thank you for joining me in that precious memory!

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  1. February 26, 2009 4:16 pm

    Ok…I’m balling my eyes out over this one! God is SO good! I am so overwhelmed that He would choose US to birth an eternal soul into the world and entrust US to raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Micah is SO blessed to have been born into your family!

  2. February 26, 2009 11:20 pm


  3. May 12, 2009 12:16 pm

    I love this story! I cannot read home birth stories without crying. Its because I have had 3 c-sections, but I have labored with all of them. I am so hoping and praying that God will be merciful to allow me at least one natural birth yet! -hopefully a home birth…Annie

  4. May 12, 2009 12:33 pm

    Hi Annie; thanks for your lovely comment- children are a blessing however they arrive into the world; you are a blessed Mother…but if your hearts desire is to birth naturally then I’m praying for you. Thanks for popping by 🙂

  5. September 11, 2009 4:03 pm

    Very encouraging. I know babies SHOULD be able to be born with minimal intervention and complications – it's how God designed us. That's where my faith is!

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