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A roller coaster week!

March 6, 2009

Phew – I managed to get through to Friday in one piece!

This week has been a roller coaster journey in family life at home. Spring is peaking it’s head round the corner and we’ve had many beautiful mornings watching the frosty sunrise from my boys bedroom. The sunshine has wooed my children into the back yard a couple of times for some serious den building whilst I hung out washing happily with baby M strapped to my back.

The children started learning Spanish this week; our precious friend Lily has offered to spare half an hour of her week to educate the children in this beautiful language; we’re now waking up to “Hola Mama” or “Buenos días Papa“; love it!

One of the highlights of my week happened yesterday; the essential Mothers tool (washing machine) had stopped spinning and I had a huge pile of nappies that needed to be washed. I remembered the issue from the last time we had this problem (kink in the drainage pipe) so I pulled out the washing machine to check it out…in this endeavour I obviously fell upon another weakness in our machine which was a corroded inlet pipe joint; as I pulled on the machine ever so gently the pipe flew off and water started spurting everywhere! It came fast and soon the children were grabbing every towel in sight to cover the kitchen floor. I had NO idea how to stop it, I was searching under the sink and the one tap I found did close the water off from the washer but only re-directed the gushing water to another outlet…under the sink. I quickly ran next door to our handy neighbour who wasn’t in but who’s wife came over and did what I did; stood there getting soaking wet with no clue what to do!! The major problem was we could see where the tap was to shut off the main water supply but it was so old that nothing would shift it; honestly nothing; not the window cleaner, not the old man who was passing with his dog, not a hammer, not a spanner, not my handy neighbour friend who eventually came home!

SO; long story (and day) cut short; we (handy neighbour friend) cut the water off at the main pipe in the street; we had no water till around 7pm that night when another handy neighbour friend Ben, who knew about plumbing came over and sorted out our water supply for the evening. Thankfully we rent our washing machine so instead of waiting a month till we could maybe pull together some funds to buy a new one whilst passing out my laundry to various kind (and handy) neighbours the ‘machine man’ came over first thing this morning and brought me a brand new (and with a bigger drum, yeah!) washing machine.

After our water adventures I awoke this morning to hear my daughter say ‘this is a nightmare’ and I remembered that is what she had heard me saying yesterday. We sat down and talked about how I had responded wrongly to the situation (which Dave had graciously mentioned to me whilst emptying buckets of water together the previous day as I was wittering on about not having water to him) and shouldn’t have used that phrase. We talked about rejoicing in ALL situations and that Mummy is learning everyday…what a challenge; we influence our children SO much and if we don’t notice it straight away it comes out a few days later…

So; you’ll be glad to know that the nappies are now clean, babies are sleeping and I’m singing Spanish songs in my head.

I’m looking forward to a fun weekend with my family and lovely friends and am excited to have hubby home for a week next week. We’ll be making the most of our Daddy time and we’re going to explore some galleries and museums in Liverpool for a few days so I will be taking a short blogging break…but I’ll be back with stories!

Thanks for popping by!


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  1. March 9, 2009 11:41 am

    I WAS going to leave the comment ‘What a nightmare’ but won’t!!! Enjoy your new washing machine and your week in Liverpool X

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