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Playing with food and pets…

April 8, 2009

This week we’ve been slowly winding down for the Easter break; continuing with our ‘how things grow’ project and watching our seedlings turn into plants in readiness for the great outdoors! Next week we’ll be visiting family and taking a week off our studies to spend time with Daddy as he’s off work.

We’ve been enjoying the spring sunshine and spending lots of time our back yard. Yesterday I planted my first fruit tree (Victoria Plum) which I am very excited about and of course I planted it where I could keep it in full view right from my kitchen window!

Here’s a few captured moments from our home this week…

We don’t normally allow playing with food in our house but this was so creative it had to be caught on camera (note disapproving Papa in the background in the above photo!!)

Big sis had to do the same of course!

And Micah decided to wear his food; spaghetti head!

Last week Dave surprised the children by arriving home with two guinea pigs; Nyah is holding ‘Nussle’…

…and Joel is holding ‘Scratch’!

Hope you’re having a wonderful week building your home.


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