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Rainy day messy play

April 9, 2009

All set up and ready to go!

Today was a wet day in our little corner of the world; I had intended to make some kind of Easter cards with the children as we are seeing lots of family this weekend who would love and appreciated our home ed art! I decided to turn it into an art lesson in colour – but instead of mixing our primary colours together with the conventional paint brush, we would use our hands and feet!!

First steps (see my big blue foot!) in primary colours

The children stayed in their PJ’s for this activity, then EVERYTHING went in the wash afterwards!

Even Micah got involved!

Mix and mess

Joel mixed a really great orange and Nyah created a fantastic turquoise colour; but the great thing was they got to feel the squelch in between their toes as well as experiencing the beautiful colours with their eyes!

Hung out to dry

The rain just about stopped for 10 minutes after we finished so we hung out some of the pictures to dry.

After creating lots of colour, hand and foot prints and LOTS of mess the children jumped in a warm bubble bath and we finished our morning off with a snuggle and a story while our prints dried.

The hand and foot prints are now dry and cut out ready for Mama to make cards with later on this evening.

We had great fun and I am VERY grateful for laminate flooring which mops up beautifully!!

Happy day, happy memories.


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  1. April 25, 2009 2:42 am

    Continuing to check in on your beautiful family. We share so many of the same desires and love for the precious time we have been given with our children. My mom always said that “Raising children is making an eternal difference” nothing could be more important than that. So many mom’s sadly work and miss out on this most important time. We’ll never have cabins, boats or fancy cars. Even our dream to live in England may never happen, but we’re content and lovin’ this life God so graciously has chosen us for.Nancy Kingsriter

  2. May 11, 2009 10:51 pm

    I run a home daycare Free Spirit Home Daycare,,(making the daycare a haven also,,lol). I’m in the process of painting the wee ones feet for a picture for their mothers. Their feet will be the ‘leaves’ for the bouquet of flower pictures I will be placing above…and than will frame the picture once it’s ready.

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