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Spring Sunshine

April 23, 2009

My knight in shining armour; Dave dressed up as a Roman soldier at Lunt Roman fort

When the sun shines in England you make the most of it – oh yes, as you never know, tomorrow it could be raining (or even snowing) so we Brits get out the shorts and the BBQ’s whenever we see a slight ray of sunshine…and why not!

We’ve had beautiful warm sunshine all week and we have certainly made the most of it. While Dave was off work last week we did various educational trips together; one being a local Roman fort called ‘Lunt’ (I would set up a link but their web site isn’t on line at the moment!) to finish off our project on the Romans. It was a fantastic hands on learning opportunity for the children…and we took a few friends along too. Here’s a picture of Joel playing a Roman board game with our friend Sarah; Joel deep in concentration!

Nyah dressed as a Roman lady in a ‘stolla’

We’ve been weeding, digging, planting and watering. This years veggie plot consists of peas, spinach, tomatos, peppers, lettuce and potatoes; and I’m yet to plant out my courgettes. I’m really looking forward to the little ones being able to pick their own veggies for dinner.

Micah enjoying the sunshine

Micah is growing and changing fast; he now has four teeth and ‘almost’ on the move. He’s clapping, waving, giggling and babbling; we fall more in love with our little man every day and SO grateful to God for adding him to our family.

Mama’s haven in our little back yard; I sit with my coffee amongst Jasmine, honeysuckle and lavender; ‘my sensory corner’

I’m just loving swinging open the back doors of the house early in the morning and letting the light and air stream through our home. We’ll get back into the normal ‘swing’ of school next week when all the local schools go back; we’re enjoying catching up with friends and picnicking in various gardens and parks.

Hope you’re enjoying Gods blessing in your corner of the world, thanks for dropping by.


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  1. April 24, 2009 1:05 pm

    oooh, lovely chubby baby legs :)LX

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