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Cloth bottoms

May 1, 2009

When most people think about ‘cloth nappies’ you imagine huge terry squares with a massive pin; lots of soaking and washing and lines and lines of nappies drying on the washing line -right? WRONG!

The world of cloth nappies has developed SO much over the past few years, it’s something I had always pondered and wanted to research when N and J were born but somehow never got round to it. When I fell pregnant with Micah I knew he was to be a cloth bottomed baby…thus began my research.

It was pretty overwhelming at first, there are so many types of cloth nappies and so many companies that make those particular types of nappies that instead of trudging through the hoards of websites I decided to seek advice from friends and forums instead.

Micah sporting a ‘Nature babies‘ stuffable

You may be surprised to hear about the different types available. You can still buy traditional cotton terry squares but there is a lot more choice than that these days. There are three basic washable types:

  • Flat Nappies

    These include prefolds (a rectangular nappy with 3 layers) as well as terry squares (which can be made from textiles other than cotton, such as bamboo or hemp). This type will need a cover, wrap, soaker or pilcher.

  • Fitted or Shaped Nappies

    (Can also be referred to as a Modern Cloth Nappy (MCO) or as a two part) – These can be made of various textiles such as cotton, bamboo, hemp or micro fibre (an extensively used man made textile). Fitted nappies can be fastened by poppers, hook and loop such as aplix or velcro or a nifty alternative to the good old fashioned pin called a Nappy Nippa or Snappy Nappy depending where you live. So there is no chance of spiking your baby when changing her. This type will require a cover, wrap, soaker or pilcher.

  • Pocket Nappies and All in One (AIO or AI2)

    These are the newest types of cloth nappy. They do not require any kind of cover, wrap, soaker or pilcher as the waterproof layer is built in. Pocket’s have a waterproof (usually PUL) layer on the outside and a fleece layer on the inside. You insert the absorbant material in between. All in one or All in two have the absorbant and waterproof layer sewn together all ready use on your baby.

We decided on ‘Bumgenius’ as our nappy of choice; a BTP (birth to potty), pocket nappy (stuffable) with a velcro fastening but over the past few months I have traded some in for other pocket nappies with funky patterns on them! They are so easy to use (husband proof!!) and easy to wash and dry; we LOVE them!

If you already use cloth nappies, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you use disposables, you probably think I’m crazy!!

I really don’t know what it is about real nappies, but it wouldn’t actually matter if they did provide more work than disposables. The simple fact is, once you’ve got the right ones for your child, you fall in love with using them.

People may come to cloth nappies for any number of reasons, but unless they like using them, they won’t stay with them. Not only do people stay with them, but a huge proportion of them have a burning desire to talk about them to the rest of the world (like me!!).

I challenge you ever to find anyone who feels like that about disposables. It simply doesn’t happen. People use disposable nappies because they are a necessary evil. They may or may not feel guilty about using them, but they never love them.

I have no explanation for this phenomenon, but it must be something to do with an appeal to our deeper parenting instincts. Nappy change is not some unpleasant task to be got over as soon as possible, with a nasty wrinkle to our noses and a grimace. What message does that pass on to our children about bodily functions? It is a time to spend and play with our children, tending to their basic needs in just the same way as cooking for them or bathing them does. These don’t have to be chores, but shared precious moments that pass all too soon – who cares if the odd poo is involved? It won’t bite!

So, is it time for a change? Are you pregnant and up for giving it a go? Now is the time… this week is ‘Real nappy week‘ in the Uk (27th April until 3rd May); cloth nappy companies have amazing deals on and great reductions so GO for it!

Using cloth nappies is fun, your little cloth bottom baby will look SO cute, you’ll save money and it’s so much better for the environment (think of all those land fills you won’t be filling!)

PLEASE vote on this weeks poll (on the right hand bar of the blog) to find out how many cloth nappy users we have reading this blog; just one quick click and your done! Thank you 🙂

Let me know if you decide to make the change to cloth!


Check out ‘Kind Behind‘; Lucy is a Christian WAHM (work at home Mum) who can set you up with all your cloth nappy needs
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  1. May 15, 2009 1:03 pm

    Hey, Leah! After massive surgery for endometriosis (every abdominal organ was affected!) I began researching the causes. My doctor told me that the only known cause of endo is dioxin exposure. Well, there is dioxin in anything bleached (including tampons, pads, nappies). So, I have become a natural woman! I have already decided that I will put my future babies’ bums in cloth, rather than force them to sit in dioxin for the first two years of their lives. I salute you for getting the word out about cloth nappies! Well done! Love ya!

  2. May 15, 2009 2:38 pm

    Hi Nikki – thanks for your comment…I didn’t realise that about dioxin; another great reason to use cloth! Thanks for popping by!Leah

  3. June 10, 2009 1:00 pm

    Hi,I am also into cloth, and have 9 blessings. I live in the East Midlands:)Have a blessed week:)

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