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Change is here to stay

May 3, 2009

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever”
Heb 13:8

During a recent clear out of a box I found in our garage, I found some journals from my travels around the States when I was a student. On this particular trip I was 19 years old with so much to learn and so much to say about my observations of the world. I felt very nostalgic reading through the pages of my poured out young heart, God did so much in me on that trip. I recieved so much love, kindness and hospitality which changed me forever.

As I read the daily accounts of my trip I realised how much things had changed; how much I had changed and life had whizzed by so wonderfully.

I love getting older and have never been afraid of turning the next ‘dreaded’ number on the age scale (34 this year!!). I love the amazing lessons God has taught me with each precious year of my life so far; I love the people he has brought in and out of my life that have shaped and moulded who I am today. I love all that has been lovingly passed on to me from my Godly parents; the hours of teaching, training and nurturing that gets built upon and lived out everyday. I love that God brought my prince into my life at the age of 23, I love the life that we’re shaping, the home we’re building and the children God has blessed us with (and God willing, will continue to) to raise for His glory.

Life’s journey brings so much change; physical and spiritual changes that effect our story. Our life with God should not be comfortable or static but fluid and moving; being ready to hear God and act on what He is whispering into our heart. The Word of God is alive and active; therefore if we are living according to the awesome Word of God our lives should also be alive and active.

Change comes in so many different packages at different times in our life; sometimes we’re prepared for it, other times not; but the effect of it all depends on how we respond to it.

A new baby, a new location, husbands new job, more responsibility, change in financial situation…

Let’s not be afraid of change
Let’s embrace change
Let it change us
Shape us

Change is here to stay but HE remains the same.


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