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Making your home a haven

May 5, 2009

After following this on Crystals blog a while ago, which Tammy has now taken up the mantel of I’ve decided to jump on board with making my home a haven…and maybe a few of you would like to come along for the ride too? So every Monday when Tammy posts this weeks challenge I will be joining in and of course be including before and after piccies (very good for pride issues!!).

I am a little bit late on the uptake as the ladies have already discussed and actioned morning and evening routines; but I think I already have that in place (another post sometime) so here we go with today’s (well, yesterdays but it was a ‘bank holiday’ here in the UK so we had the day off as a family) challenge.

This week Tammy has challenged us to clean up our doorways and entrance; this REALLY needed doing in our house (it’s a regular dumping ground) and as we have company over for dinner tonight it was another great incentive to get it done.

So; while the children were having their rest time I got to work; tidied, swept, mopped, cleaned the windows and got rid of some of the coats and bags hanging on the hooks..

…and there you have it!

Leave me a comment if you’re getting on board and enjoy making your home a haven today!


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  1. May 11, 2009 10:49 pm

    Great job. I love those stars above your door….I LOVE making my house a home. My blog is even called Free Spirit Haven….

  2. May 12, 2009 7:51 pm

    It’s amazing the difference this made; my husband noticed it straight away and a friend came in and said “wow, this looks tidy”…which was good in one sense but also reminded me that it obviously doesn’t look that this very often! 😦

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