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Back on the breast!

May 14, 2009

I was happy to read this article in our national press this week; at last the government are realising that breastfeeding is more than ‘option’ for ‘educated’ ‘responsible’ parents but should be considered ‘baseline’ for NHS weight charts and parent/health visitor consultation. Our society perpetuates an obsession with weight and babies which can really affect a new Mama; I get asked all the time “how much does Micah weigh” and I really have no clue. According to the existing ‘formula fed’ weight chart, the last time he ‘had’ to be weighed he was on the 25th percentile which seems quite low for my chubby, content, breastfed happy baby!! I’m not saying don’t use health professionals; of course not – we are blessed to have them in this country but need to learn to use them in the right way, be confident in our motherhood and not let them bully us into believing wrong things about our blessings.

Read the signs; if baby is filling nappies regularly, feeding well and is happy between feeds then I would consider that ‘thriving’; lets not get caught up in Mama competition of ‘how big is yours’; encourage each other, support each other and the next time you see a tiny baby and a hard working Mama tell her how great she’s doing!!

At some point when time permits I will post about breastfeeding an older baby and my experiences with babies with a mouth full of teeth (ouch!).

Trust you’re having a great day building your home.


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  1. May 19, 2009 8:57 pm

    So agree Leah, it’s no wonder we’re getting more obese, the emphasis put on gaining weight at such a young age just doesn’t set Mums off on the right path. My nearly 3 year old weighs a tonne, though he’s not chubby, and still I find myself being concerned if he doesn’t eat much at a meal. Maybe if my head was trained from the first to always go by how they are rather than how much they eat, then maybe it wouldn’t have such silly concerns?

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