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Never a dull day!

May 19, 2009

The house is busy with excitement and anticipation of our holiday next week; on Saturday we head off to North Devon with my family for a week; and we’re so glad that Katie and John have decided to join us for the trip too! There will be 18 of us in total (including lots of little ones) so watch out Devon here we come!!

I’m busy making lists, keeping on top of laundry, planning what to do when we get there as well as the normal run of our home.

I’m now on batch 5 of my sourdough – batch 4 came out perfect but I didn’t get chance to photograph it before my Dad devoured it during my parents visit last night; of course I didn’t mind, happy to fill his tum! I’ve got some rising overnight which I’ve made with a mix of white bread flour and rye flour so we’ll see how it turns out. I’ll hopefully have pictures, quotes from my official tasters (hubby and children!) and a recipe on line before the end of the week.

Nyah has lost another two teeth this week – she is so cute with all those gaps; she specifically asked me to photograph her for the blog…so please see picture below of my gummy princess!

Micah is on the move…just! He’s crawled a little bit, we’ll see how it develops over the next few days. Today I was listening to some worship music while he was playing on the floor; I was enjoying God; clapping and lifting my hands -I turned to see Micah smiling at me, bopping away on his little bum and clapping his hands! It brought such joy to my heart.

Joel is just cute and active as ever – he decided today to show me how he could ‘shimmy’ up the door frame and jump back down! Hopefully no broken bones before we go on holiday!!

I’m enjoying studying the book of Proverbs with the children this month; I would pray over them during my pregnancies and I continue to pray everyday that our children would learn how to make wise choices and Godly decisions in life. Dave and I know that to see this we have to sow, sow and sow the Word of God into their hearts and minds everyday. There is so much in Proverbs about ‘listening’ to your Fathers instruction and ‘heeding’ your Mothers teaching; it’s wonderful to see their eyes light up and hear their questions as we snuggle, enjoy the Word together and discuss our amazing, blessed life in God.

Mothers, I encourage you today – if you do nothing else, sit with your children (no matter how young/old) and read the Word of God together, feed their spirits as well as their tums! The Word will NOT return void and WILL accomplish all that it has been sent out to do…in your childrens hearts and lives!

Poor little Micah (he was loving it actually) was ‘forced’ into the baby doll pushchair and pushed around the living room by Joel – they are just despirate for him to ‘play’!

Micah is on the move…and sporting a cute Blueberry cloth nappy!

Princess Nyah with the sure signs of growing up – lots of gaps!

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  1. May 20, 2009 2:40 pm

    I’m reading proverbs atm. a lot of people are actually. fantastic book! loads of truth.

  2. May 21, 2009 12:13 pm

    Hey Leah, just dropped by your blog today and was really blessed and encouraged by it. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness!Love, Eva (~Eva~ from NM’s)P.S. We have a Micah too. Good name:)

  3. May 21, 2009 5:27 pm

    Lovely thoughts and pictures. xx

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