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Fail to plan – plan to fail!

June 17, 2009

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before, and many more like it..

Whatever clever phrase you go by, planning is essential to ‘success’ in any area of life; especially in the home.

I was struck recently when reading about the ‘wife of noble character’ in Proverbs 31 that “she gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work for her servant girls”.

If you’re like me, I don’t have any servant girls, but I do have a ‘days work’ ahead of me every morning!

You don’t have to be ‘Mrs super organised’ or ‘Mrs attention to detail’ to become a good planner; you just need to get into the habit and take small steps – a few notes scribbled down every morning could turn your ‘pulling your hair out’ kind of day to one where you even have time to straighten it!!

I am a list maker, note book filler and journal collector but I more often than not set myself unrealistic goals; my ‘to do’ list for the day should really be my ‘to do’ list for the month! Our daily goals need to be reachable and realistic…then you get that glowing sense of achievement at the end of your day and you can give yourself a well deserved pat on the back!

So here are my top 5 planning questions for basic home management (not including home school planning…that’s anther post; or 3!!).

Write these questions, along with the answers, on on a scrap of paper or note book in visible view for yourself ALL day:

1. What appointments are in the diary today (with timings)?

2. What ‘out of the house’ errands need to be done today?

3. What is for dinner tonight and do I need to get anything out of the freezer to defrost?

4. What housework jobs are ‘crying out’ to be done today (you may need to walk around the various rooms in the house to discover the real urgent jobs…as we tend to hide them!!)? You may want to put ‘laundry’ on this list everyday but I generally have that as part of my morning routine; as flylady puts it ‘a load a day keeps the chaos away’!!

5. What can I spend 15 mins doing to ‘bless’ my home?

Here’s my list for today:

1. No appointments today

2. Go to post office and post package and letters

3. Pork loin steaks with Mediterranean vegetables, salad – take pork out of freezer

4. Clean out fridge (Dave said there is a funny smell in there!!), mop floors (kids playing in the mud yesterday and didn’t get chance to do it last night!) and put ALL laundry away. Try not to put more than 3 things on this list as it probably isn’t realistic unless you’re feeling particularly motivated…the rest can wait till tomorrow!

5. Spend 15 mins ‘blessing’ my bedroom, clear a ‘pile’ and put some flowers in the window.

Happy planning ladies!


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  1. June 22, 2009 11:43 pm

    Love It! I'm a list maker too! I love your list of five things to deal with! Great Idea!ace

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