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Flowers in the window

June 24, 2009

I love fresh cut flowers around the house – it brightens up any room and the fragrance of certain flowers can flow through the whole house!

I love to pick them up cheap at the end of the day at the supermarket; with a bit of care and attention they can last as long as any expensive bunch…of course you can also pick them from your garden but I prefer to enjoy mine outside!

We’ve recently been working on the front of our house; ‘the window to our home’ – we have a small lawn and a couple of flower beds. We’ve neatened them up, used some wood chip and added a very cute small wooden bench with pots of flowers around it to say ‘welcome’ to our home (some think we’re welcoming theives to our cute bench but it has stayed put so far thanks to the ‘garden’ angels hey?!!).

The other thing I noticed is our windows at the front of the house; we have three windows and the door facing the street, I wanted to brighten them up and the perfect solution to me was flowers!

The great thing is that just one big bargain bunch arranged in the right way, in the right containers can look gorgeous in many vases!

I have no particular expertise in ‘flower arranging’ but here are a few tips I have picked up from my wonderful Mama and a few other people:


  • Always cut at least an inch off the bottom of each flower before placing them in the vase; cut diagonally
  • Add flower food (I have heard sugar or a bit of lemonade in the water does the trick too) before the flowers and let it settle a while before making your final arrangement
  • Place the flowers one by one diagonally across to each other in the vase to create a perfect shape that will last
  • I like to change the water every couple of days and even snip another half inch of the bottom of each flower to make the arrangement last longer

Just a couple of roses in a glass in the bathroom can brighten
up a little room visited on a regular basis!

A ‘countryside style’ arrangement in a rustic tin
coffee jug ready to go in one of our front windows

If you have any other great fresh flower tips please let us know!

Happy homemaking


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  1. June 25, 2009 6:09 am

    hi leah, beautiful flowers,we have the same taste, i have the same tin bath sign in my bathroom..i was told that if your flower stems are too short for the taller tin jugs as mine sometimes are to put a scrunched up plastic bag into the water then the flowers rest on top of it..seems to work!!

  2. June 25, 2009 6:48 am

    Great tip Katie! Thanks 🙂

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