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Busy being children!

June 25, 2009
“You are worried about seeing him spend his early years in doing nothing. What! Is it nothing to be happy? Nothing to skip, play, and run around all day long? Never in his life will he be so busy again.”
~Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile, 1762

Have a wonderful day!


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  1. June 25, 2009 10:36 pm

    lovely photos! And I love the quote at the top of your post too – excellent! :-DNot sure I've commented before, but I'm also a Christian mum (also on NM, where I saw your blog linked to!). 🙂 x

  2. June 26, 2009 5:58 am

    Hi Rachel – thanks for popping by to say hello; I love meeting other Jesus loving 'natural Mama's'!

  3. June 29, 2009 10:29 pm

    Lovely photos, Leah!LX

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