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Home Grown Moments

August 2, 2009
Nyah took this picture whilst ‘playing’ with the camera
Micah was snuggled up asleep in the sling
(Hoppidiz ring sling)

What am I thanking God for: that my husband is coming home on Wednesday and that I have a husband; some people have to run a home and raise children alone; I am SO grateful for what God has given me. I also understand even more why it is so important to act on the Word of God when it tells us to look after the orphans and widows.

What am I listening to: the sound of the guinea pigs drinking, birds singing and children playing outside (mine are fast asleep in bed but I have the back door open as it’s a beautiful evening!)

What am I reading: …actually, the most recent thing I’ve read today is a ‘Charlie and Lola’ story to Nyah and Joel, and I’ve just flicked through a copy of a ‘Country Living’ magazine!

What can I see: some beautiful sunflowers in a light blue pitcher that my mother-in- law brought round for me yesterday (part of an early birthday present for me), they are proudly displayed on my front window sill.

What am I planning: Ooooh, lots of things right now: a ‘telescope’ birthday cake for Joel which he has requested (!!), Dave’s return and my birthday (same day…hoping he’s got energy to go our for dinner or something), a family picnic party on Saturday, school curriculum for September…to name a few!

What blessed me today: my friend Rebecca brought round dinner even though she’s just got over being pretty ill, she is such a faithful, kind and giving friend

What challenged me today: children suffering from not having burnt off enough energy (it’s been raining here for days…just not today!) so they were VERY silly at times, crazy zoo animal type silly; especially a certain 4 year old boy!!

What am I praying about: my husbands last day and journey back from Zambia in three days time!! YEAH 🙂

What am I working on: making the house beautiful and welcoming for my husbands return; tidied up the front and back garden today and gave our bedroom a bit of love (it can turn into the dumping room for all laundry and anything else that doesn’t have a home!)

Parting line or some wise words: ALWAYS have a small basket of good distractions by the nappy changing unit (or where ever you do it) to deal with wiggly active babies who WON’T keep still, think of unusual things i.e a key ring, piece of colourful material, a jar with rice in it etc. If it’s a long nappy change and he/she starts to get bored swiftly swap the object for another one…works a treat in our house!


P.S ‘Home Grown Moments’ is a new post that I will update regularly; hopefully weekly or whenever I get round to it – hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. August 2, 2009 9:27 pm

    I like this post Leah – might have to steal the concept for my blog if you don't mind! We have so much to thank God for don't we. So happy that you guys are getting Dave home in a few days, I pray that you are saturated with God's grace, peace, presence and joy until then…and beyond!

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