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August 15, 2009
Some beautiful babywearing Mama’s that Dave met on his trip; he asked to take a pic for me!

Dave with new friends!

What am I thanking God for: For a healthy family, for a wonderful husband and the blessing of children

What am I listening to: Micah singing whilst crawling round my feet (almost walking, he’s taken one step!)

What am I reading: The book of Acts and Proverbs as a family and my friend just lent me ‘Better late than early’ by Raymond and Dorothy Moore (a book about educating your children) which I’m hoping to start today

What can I see: Sunflowers and sweet peas blooming in my garden on a windy day, and Micah’s high chair that really needs a good clean!

What am I planning: My day; Dave and Joel are going out with Dave’s Dad for Joel’s birthday treat to see ‘dinosaur live’ so Nyah, Micah and I will have some Mummy fun at home. I’m also still planning school and buying in any new resources we need – we’re pretty stocked up now though

What blessed me today: waking up to happy children snuggling on my bed

What challenged me today: didn’t quite clean up everything after we had friends round for a meal last night so a bit of extra work this morning…

What am I praying about: This morning I’m praying for God’s wisdom as I plan household management and school for this next season; I’m also praying for a particular friend who’s on an amazing journey to come into relationship with Jesus.

What am I working on: Getting things ‘in order’ before we start school, getting up to date on my reading and thinking about making a pie with all the blackberries and blueberries I have (if you have a good recipe drop me a line!)

Parting line or some wise words: DO put plastic stuff in a low cupboard for toddlers to play with when you’re busy in the kitchen but DON’T put cereal in a low cupboard when you have a toddler (I did this to make it more accessible to N & J)…errrm, gotta go sweep up a kitchen floor full of Frosties!!

Have a great weekend sweet friends!


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