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A Baby Wearing Poem

September 2, 2009

Wrapped snug against my body

We dance to music

to the pipa

Heart to heart

Ear on my sternum

On waves weightless music


slow then


dancing the way

women must have danced at night

around fires

to the sound of drums

and maracas made of shells

One breath together

Attached to me as if back in the womb

You hear the beating of my heart, feel

my movements, my warmth

Your home

My arms and hands twirl in the air

like the swirling sleeves of a Chinese dancer

Me aware of your limbs, movements, smell

As you sleep

Your sweet soul with mine

We’ve taken a step off the edge of Earth and

float in the universe

as one

“Dance” by Teresa Dowell 7/7/05 -found here.

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