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A thousand things to be thankful for

December 7, 2009

holy experience

Gratitude is a gift; to look up when the pressure is on and say ‘thank you’, to stare at the simple and remember HIM, to find God in the mundane, the dirty and the slog, to find peace in the noise, the piles and the lists – to always have a heart brimming over with thanksgiving; this is a true gift.

The Jesse Tree

Thankfulness brings us into the throne room of grace, sweeps us off our selfish feet and meets us at HIS (feet).

Today I’m joining the Gratitude Community, I am inspired to create a culture in my life and my home of being grateful; just longing to see Jesus through all am and all I do – is not this our life?

A Christmas memory; happy times in Michigan!

So here I will be, every Monday with a collection of gathered ‘thanks’ on a page.

“Lord change my heart, bring me closer to you – may I never tire of being thankful for YOU and ALL you have poured into my life”

Cheeky boys at a morning tea party whilst Mummy reads
the story of the Angel visiting Mary!

My sweet growing boy; God is so kind and good to us

Here begins my List:

My loving husband who is so full of grace

Being loved extravagantly despite my many flaws!

A warm house

A handsome growing toddler who melts my heart

Brothers playing together

Nyah’s curly writing

A dancing daughter

A new oven

Dave’s job being near to our home

Financial provision

Micah dancing whenever he hears music

A hot cup of tea

Gracious friends


Creativity and homemade gifts

Beautiful wooden toys; all ready to be wrapped

Joel’s drawings of people

Have a wonderful Monday!


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  1. December 7, 2009 8:55 pm

    Leah i love your list. Just had to post and say right now I'm thankful for change too! Despite my initial reservations am loving all that God is bringing us into at ANC! You are fab. love you, Rach and the clan xxx

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