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Home Grown Christmas

December 9, 2009
The tree…and a St. Nicholas nutcracker!!

I love a home grown Christmas; simple, heartfelt with Jesus in the centre.

We don’t hype it up, our children don’t make lists, Santa is definitely a historic legend who doesn’t grace our door!!

We spend each evening of advent doing the Jesse Tree; plotting out the historic biblical journey of faith up to the birth of Jesus.

A few home made gifts: layered cookie jar, garlic and bay infused olive oil, lemon and rosemary oat milk bath, festive mocha mix and a cinnamon and pine festive cleaner

We make home made gifts, we decorate a tree, we make home made decorations, we bake, we light candles and we plan time with old friends and family.

It’s so easy to get lost in the depths of consumerism, training our children to only think about themselves and what they want; focusing on a fat man with a sack on his back rather than the man – Christ Jesus.

Christmas around the world is full of pagan ritual and selfish gain and despite the 25th of December not being the real time when Jesus was born we’ve decided to join in the celebrations, to sanctify them, and mark this time to tell the world a saviour was born, a baby who would grow to be a man, a man who would change the world, a man who would bare our sin so that we could live – Jesus Christ.

Joely, snuggled up on a winters evening – he didn’t last long like that, we all jumped on him as he looked SO cute!

So, yes we have a decorated evergreen in our living room and yes it’s hard to get away from people asking my children what ‘Santa’ is bringing them for Christmas but we’re looking forward to the time off as a family, feasting with precious people and watching our children unwrap a few treasures that will hopefully keep them busy well past boxing day (no batteries needed here!!).

So, I’d better check on my orange slices drying in the oven – I love old fashioned, traditional tree decorations, I’m really not into baubles and tinsel although a couple of baubles made it onto the tree this year…via my husband!! Tomorrow we’re making gingerbread with a sweet friend and her children, and with a few more home made gifts to go we’ll pretty much have Christmas all wrapped up!

I hope your plans are going well, stay at peace Mama’s and enjoy your familyCheck Spelling


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  1. December 10, 2009 7:29 pm

    love this blog!!im also trying this year for the first time to make homemade gifts for people we love rather than spending a fortune,also shopped online for jonah and everyone to miss the business of the shops.i think being pregnant has made me do this more but i have really enjoyed it and have loved making my cookie jar gifts for people who mean alot to me!!your right the real reason is jesus without whom i dont know where i would be,so am looking forward this christmas to a peaceful,family and friend filled time celebrating the true meaning of christmas!p.s. i agree tinsel is a no no!!

  2. December 11, 2009 7:55 am

    Lovely..have made some similar gifts, and we have a Jesse tree….all pressies for the kids are from myriad (or we got them through Nyree..myriad with a 40% discount = NICE !)….I have to confess that I love me a bit or tinsle tat and Santa does visit here……our children know that the real reason is Jesus ….no doubt about that…ooh and do you know the story of Boniface and the evergreen tree that points to heaven ? We share this story a lot at chirstmas to remind us of the life that Jesus has bought. The purpose of our christmas tree is to celebrate the birth of Christ (and we put prsents around it for the people we remind us of His gift to us) and God's everlasting love (evergreen) and to point/look to heaven ALWAYS(like the tree does !)…will copy the story for you if you don't have it x

  3. December 11, 2009 6:22 pm

    Thanks for your comments Ladies! The story of Boniface is a great one; how cool to find a fir tree IN an oak tree!! There is so much conflicting evidence that pre-dates Boniface that still highlights paganistic roots, but yes – he was one man who wanted to get rid of these 'silly ideas' and put Jesus at the centre. I love how he describes the tree and we've read the story to the kids but we also tell them of other historic events that have lead to Christmas becoming what they see around them; we'll continue to encourage them to research for themselves as they get older. We want them to have a conviction about what they do and why they do it! We're learing all the time and by no means have it right; we will always contend with the culture around us, if that means we don't have Santa and tons of presents that is fine – I long to be authentic in my faith…whatever the cost (easier said than done!!)

  4. December 11, 2009 11:04 pm

    That is a lovely blog Leah…we do the charity gift thing that they do too ..we have done that between the adults..last year I got 6 chickens from oxfam unwrapped from my mum and dad…and Nige got a goat ! The year before we got the fees for midwifery training for a student in Uganda (although Nige had asked for the toilet !!)…I like how they do this within their family but still honor that others want to buy their children gifts…I would feel rude to say no to someone wanting to bless my LO with a gift…..we were strict this year about the 'type' of gifts and is REALLY hard to not hurt relatives when they are SO generous but we are trying hard to not make it about the 'stuff'…Praise the Lord for Myriad LOL !!!!!!! Oh and I totally agree with you on the tree thing, I know there is so much Pagan stuff and conflicting evidence..i just LOVE the tree story and gives purpose for us to why we have a tree….I am not arguing…don't have my handbag out or anything LOL !! I love you laydee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. December 12, 2009 8:59 am

    Ha ha – but I like your handbags Lucy and I'm sure you'd have a matching sling to go with it!!I think it's quite 'bold' to change how we 'do' Christmas and I don't find it easy but we're hoping to transition our 'ways' over the years and our reli's will eventually catch on without being upset. We suggested items from Myriad from most and those who only spend a little have got them slippers etc. Stuff that I would buy them anyway but it's a blessing to get it as a gift!!…here continues the journey!

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