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Childs play

December 16, 2009

I love simple, authentic child’s play; train sets, dressing up, dolls houses and tea parties etc.

We only have a TV upstairs in our house and we try and keep TV watching to a minimum, especially in the week. We don’t have games consoles; apart from them being hugely expensive, I know my children (especially Joel!) if given the freedom could become obsessed with this kind of entertainment! I’m not apposed to them, Dave and I spent many a fun evening in our freezing little flat in Cardiff when we were newly married whizzing around with ‘Lego races’ (I was never very good!!), and I know there are some really fun games available but our children haven’t asked for them and we haven’t offered them!

I guess we just want to guard our children while they are so young and influential. Their ideas of entertainment are being formed, we want them to be stretched in their imagination, challenged in their logic and learn how to have fun, fun, fun without some thing or someone else always telling them how to do this. TV really disengages the brain; and although there is a time and a place for it (depending on what kind of day we’ve had hey Mama’s?!!) I think it’s wise as we are ‘building our homes’ to be careful of what we put our children in front of.

Nyah’s new love this week is tea parties!! On Tuesday morning we all got a beautifully hand written invitation to a tea party in her bedroom, we then proceeded to make cup cakes and fudge (which didn’t turn out well, cup cakes were top though!) after chores and school work we sat on her floor round a table cloth ladened with mini cups and saucers, a pot of tea and our freshly made cupcakes and had a ‘tea party’! It was so creative and spontaneous; my kind of game; Joel didn’t last long, he wanted to get back to his Lego as soon as the cake icing was wiped from his face!!

Today Nyah used her skills to say ‘thank you’ to our lovely friend who teaches the children Spanish; she was coming over for the last time before our Christmas break so Nyah arranged cookies on a plate, a wrapped homemade gift, flowers on the table and a candle brightly burning to light up our winters morning. We nibbled on goodies, drank tea out of tea cups and quizzed our friend about Christmas traditions in Argentina!

As much fun as the Nintendo WII is and as much as I can get ‘done’ with an hours viewing of Cbeebies nothing beats my children using their God given amazing imaginations, using the simplest of resources around them and stimulating their brains, making a memory and having great fun in our little home.

Let’s get creative Mama’s; start a revolution in creative play, everyday in your home – we have to inspire our children; turn off the TV, pull out the train set, have a tea party with every soft toy in the house, make up a batch of play dough, cook up a storm in the kitchen, rearrange the dolls house, make a castle out of a card board box…the ideas are endless.

We’re just getting our first flurry of the much anticipated snow here in our little corner of the world; my children having been giving me updated weather reports every hour so I must go and stare out of the window with them!!

Have fun, get creative and be blessed to build your precious home!


P.S Apologies for lack of personal pics; my camera has now completely broken so patiently waiting for a new one to fall from heaven!! Hoping to borrow one over Christmas so we won’t be completely photo starved!

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  1. December 19, 2009 2:22 pm

    Hi, this is so true – though I would have to admit to being guilty of using the TV a little too much lol – but I have started saying to the children how it rots their brains and they now tell me that and choose not to watch it too much!! So sweet – and I love the tea party idea pity you don't live closer my 7 year old girl would love to have a tea party with Nyah I do beleive 🙂 xx

  2. December 23, 2009 1:25 pm

    popping in to wish you all a very Merry & peaceful Christmas.LXXXX

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