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Getting a fresh perspective on winter

January 18, 2010

Last Friday the snow finally started to started to thaw so I decided that our winter nature walk was well overdue and we ventured out to our favourite country park nearby our home.

Our mission was to see as many birds as possible and I had a special (prayer) request to see a robin (not seen one yet this winter!). In good old Charlotte Mason style, as much as possible I try and ensure we have a nature ‘walk’ and not a nature ‘talk’ but it is easier said than done!

We were wrapped up warm so there was no complainers just excited children running in the snow pretending they were in Narnia; at one point I overheard Nyah saying to Joel: “shhh Joel, the trees have ears!” – fun!

There was plenty to see; we took seed to feed the ducks (we once learnt that bread is actually not very good for the ducks and they get far too much of it anyway so with Nyah and Joel’s highly moral conscience nowadays I can NEVER get away with just taking a bit of bread…and quite right too!) but we were also attacked (slightly dramatic term but they were pecking my wellies and surrounding us) by pigeons, doves and seagulls (?!!) – the children LOVED it!

In total we saw 8 types of bird as well as lots of mole holes, squirrels and evergreens dripping with melting snow. We were just heading in the direction of the cafe minus a robin sighting when Nyah whispered ‘Mummy, look behind you’ and there he was perched on a tree branch looking right at us; a robin redbreast – thank you Lord; I love it when He even blesses us in the simple things; such a great sight!

As we were walking back in a slightly different direction to normal Nyah commented on a old stone wall she had spotted; considering we’ve been to this park a million times all of us realised we’d never seen the old wall or the new building attached to it before; we could also see right behind it, further than we’d ever seen before. I explained to Nyah that when we come normally the trees are full and green and block the view of what is behind; the winter strips everything bare and reveals what has maybe been hidden most of the year.

I can’t say winter is my favourite time of year; I struggle with the dark nights and lack of sunshine and really have to work on my morning person persona!! As Nyah and I continued our discussion God gave me a much needed fresh perspective on this seemingly dull season; just as the winter had stripped bare the trees and bushes to reveal new surroundings so God takes us through seasons where He strips away all that has been before; the growth, the exterior, the ‘fruit’ and outward appearance and reveals to us moments of the unseen, the untapped and yet to be discovered areas of our life and destiny in him. He allows us to catch a glimpse of what He is building; these moments can take our breath away and just when we think we can’t take enough the buds appear and growth begins again; new fruit and visual changes that fill us out; complete us – He is our all in all.

Often we are so busy in the ‘now’ that we forget to keep our eyes on the goal, the big picture, the blue print of His design – His grand design!

God is building, shaping and directing His people for greatness; to enlarge us in His word by His spirit; maybe it’s time for a winter season in our lives to allow God to strip bare the exterior to allow us to once again catch a glimpse of Him, to sit at His feet, to linger in His throne room; to listen, rest and see with our spiritual eyes, with awesome wonder, the master piece of His Kingdom and His rule and reign.

It’s no small thing:

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”

1 Peter 2:9 (NIV)

As much as I am willing spring along and getting excited about every extra minute of day light we’re starting to get I don’t want to rush the season and know that each season is important and required to take us into the next.

Thanks for popping by!


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  1. January 19, 2010 12:55 pm

    There is a lot in that! I felt God affirming our position , where we are in that. The stripping back, possibly of all we are used to, to reveal the foundations on which we stand! Him! It makes us uncomfortable at times and we can wish for the 'nakedness' to be covered. But its real, its raw- Its GOD! He is our covering! he is our growth, in him, all things live and move and have their being…nothing else!Amen.Blessings,Bex

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