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Colour Boxes for Toddlers

February 4, 2010

Babies show a fascination in colour from an early age; we’re told to have bold primary colours around our growing little ones to stimulate their hungry minds.

One of the earliest things I like to do with my young toddlers is teach them and inspire them with colours, throughout the years I’ve used different things but I’ve tried something different for Micah; ‘colour boxes’. Obviously the easiest way to teach a child about colour is through conversation and life around you but I’m also always looking for interesting and stimulating things for Micah to do while I’m teaching the older children; this is one idea I’ve implemented recently.

My colour boxes are simply 4 or five largish tubs with lids on filled with items and objects of one colour; items of different textures and fabrics so they are stimulating to hold as well as look at. At the moment we have a red, yellow, green and blue box but I generally only get one or two out at a time. I literally go round every room in the house looking for red ‘stuff’ for instance and fill it up!!

Alongside the boxes I use the ‘Counting Colours‘ book by Rodger Priddy to look at and talk about while we play with contents of the box. At this stage (18 months) Micah just plays with items and puts them in and out of the box, when we play with him we go through the items and say ‘blue ball’, ‘blue brick’ etc. As he gets older and gets more familiar with the colours you could use all the boxes in one go and pull out various different colour items, then ask him to put the ‘blue ball’ in the correct box…you get the idea!

Here’s Micah about to start work on his blue box…after sorting out the leg of his jeans of course!

Hope you enjoy this idea; let me know what you do to help your little ones learn about colour.


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  1. February 4, 2010 3:57 pm

    Great idea Leah, we have that book too and Will loves it, so I'll be heading down to Poundland for some plastic boxes before you know it.Blessings Jo

  2. February 4, 2010 8:48 pm

    Hey Jo – thanks for your comment; it's so great to hear from you, hope you're all well :)BTW, the boxes are probably smaller than they look on the photo; they are prob half the size of a 'normal' plastic box (found mine in Tesco)

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