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Pastures New…

June 7, 2010

If you’re reading this then you’ve most likely been given a private ‘invite’; please feel free to let others know they can do this by emailing me at with their email address and I’ll send out an invite.

We’ve had an enjoyable months break over here at HGB; Dave and I are still planning and holding off on ‘main stream’ blogging for a little while longer but we’ll keep you posted on what this new season brings…

The BIG news is that I’m accompanying Dave on a work trip to Zambia in about 4 weeks time; unfortunately we can’t take the children this time so our wonderful parents and some precious friends have supported us in our exciting venture together and are taking our little blessing for 12 days – pray for all our hearts as we’re apart, and pray that Dave and I will do damage for the Kingdom of God whilst we work together with the 28 unsaved young people who we are taking out there. More on the trip nearer the time!

That’s all for now; I trust you’re all well and enjoying the blessing of God as you serve Him in your homes and with your families.

Many blessings

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