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We Go Together

November 28, 2010
Well we’ve finally made the move towards the blog I’ve been making mention of since earlier on this year…Dave and I are concluding 2010 by setting up a joint blog called ‘Empowered by Grace Envisioned by Hope’ – of course it’s really in its baby stages so bare with us whilst we find time to tinker and write but we’re excited about sharing our heart together for our family, the Church and the world!!
I’ll still be here when time permits writing about growing babies, home schooling, home making etc…and I know I still owe you a few posts on our trip to Zambia and to finally finish off the series I started on hospitality; thank you for being so patient and gracious with this pregnant Mama!!
So, add us to your blog roll and keep an eye out for regular inspiring posts (my hubby is a GREAT writer!), reviews and news – we look forward to sharing our heart and growing passions with you!

Find us blogging here

…and because I’m sure you’re wondering

29 Weeks Pregnant…feeling great!

Many blessings from our home to yours!


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