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Preparing for Birth – Birth Story Part 1

February 18, 2011
39 weeks pregnant!

Pregnancy and birth is such an exhilarating and exciting time but I’m sure many of us in our vulnerability also fight fear and the battle in our mind; this time was no different for me. I love being pregnant, I love my womb being full of God’s blessing, I love the feeling of fruitfulness and growth – what a privilege to carry another child for God’s glory; for the extension of His Kingdom. My pregnancy was a great joy; I felt healthy and strong throughout and bonded with my growing bump with each passing day.

Fresh from the womb in Mama’s arms!

I’ve learnt the importance of preparation for birth; physically, practically and more importantly spiritually. I make sure I get as much rest as possible and preserve my energy, I drink lots of water and over the last few weeks gradually increase my intake of Raspberry leaf tea. I try and keep on top of laundry and basic housework and one great tip I picked up from another blogger is to bag up (large freezer bags) outfits for a few days for your toddler/older baby so that you/hubby/older siblings are not searching for little socks or a clean t-shirts while you’re resting, they can just grab the bag and dress the little ones.

I spend time specifically speaking into the birth, confessing the Word of God over my body and my baby. I also spend time ‘soaking’ in the presence of God; Dave and I collated a beautiful selection of soaking/worship music for the birth which I would play for baby and I during our mid-day rest time. I enjoy the ‘quiet’ over the last few weeks of pregnancy and try not to fill my days with busyness or unnecessary activity; I am so aware of my spirit being at peace and being fully ready for the glorious marathon of labour and birth that I am about to embark on!

Another part of my preparation was to read (twice) Ina May Gaskins ‘Guide to Childbirth’ – Ina May is known as one of America’s leading midwifes and her life’s work has been in developing a culture and understanding (and, in fact an actual community; ‘The Farm’) of beautiful natural childbirth; she encourages women to believe in what their bodies are fully capable of and enjoy the process and experience of birth…I’m ALL about that!! The book is full of inspiring birth stories as well as guidance to help us enjoy birth to the fullest; I used many of her ‘tips’; and they worked a treat!…

…but that’s for next time!

I’ll be back soon with the actual ‘details’ you’re all waiting for!!

Many blessings


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  1. March 28, 2011 6:12 pm

    It's been so long since I've been able to be on here in Blog land. I saw this post and had to jump on over. Congratulations mama! I have the book Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskins. I have only had babies at hospitals so it was really eye opening to read about women treating pregnancy and birth as beautiful and not something to be treated for 9 months. *hugs*Kristy

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