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A dribbling, dazzling Saturday!

January 7, 2012
Tetyana Yablonska – A mild winters day

It’s almost midday on this mild winter day in our little corner of the world; after an epic 24 hours of nursing a teething baby (and still snuggling her now) you’d have thought I’d have opted for a lie-in this morning! But alas – I had a bad case of the ‘over achievements’ and decided to get up after Sienna-Raine had settled (after her hundredth feed of the night!).

My husband woke up to the sight of me in some old painting clothes with a shower cap on my head (he laughed and said I looked cute bless him!) and on I went with painting my daughters bedroom ceiling (one of the many Christmas projects we started…), I then got showered, got Sienna-Raine up and ready and popped out to the bank, did some food shopping, bargain hunted for the cabin (on the remaining teeny weeny budget!) and came back with a great mat for wiping our feet on before we go in there (£1.99!!).

So here I am, baby playing round my feet, the other children slowly getting ready after a lovely lazy Saturday morning and hubby is painting the walls of our eldest daughters bedroom (good team work hey?). I’m about to plan our weeks school work; got my list of subjects ready and my mind is full of great ideas; my creative juices are flowing…just a shame my computer cable has broken and I’ll be without for a few days; I’m making do with hubby’s work computer when he’s not using it so I’ll be around when I can!

We have friends coming over later; home made pizza on the menu and a relaxing evening while our little ones play…

So leave me to my dribbling little one, my dazzling home educating ideas and my day where I feel I peaked far too soon and I’ll leave you to your Saturday.

Praying blessing and fun as you enjoy your family today.


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