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Turning Interruptions into Opportunities

January 13, 2012

This week I’ve hooked up with Inspired to Action’s ‘Hello Mornings‘ challenge, I missed the registration to join a group but hoping to hop on as soon as there is an opening.

I am definitely a morning person but am discovering about myself that this may be a season ‘thang’ (the winter wake up is hard)!

New year natually brought that well needed ‘kick’ to get back into my early morning routine, working out, personal devotions and planning time. I spotted that Kat has a free ebook so I signed up, downloaded it and sat quietly one evening at the beginning of the week to devour it! The book echo’s my heart and my desire to be deliberate and intentional about my time; reading and implementing the ideas have a been a breathe of fresh air this week!

I often find, In the quiet of the day, while the sun is rising and the birds are singing their first song my dreams are breathed upon and inspiration comes alive – I treasure these moments with My Father, with my thoughts and with my plans.

It’s important to dream

A victory week!
So, this week I’ve consistently got up at 5.30am, worked out on my bike and have done a bit of strengthening work, showered and dressed, prayed, read the Bible and planned my day…ALL before 7.30am!! My 3 year old Micah joined me for two of the mornings but sat quietly on the sofa watching a couple of his favourite programmes (which Kat recommends) whilst I read and planned. I’ve still got to ‘tweak’ my routine but this week I’ve shaken off the Christmas ‘sluggishness’, I’ve felt full of energy and ALIVE!

A beautiful interruption
Today was different – I fed my 11 month old Sienna-Raine in bed beside me, she usually roles over, snuggles with Daddy and falls back into a deep sleep. Today she sat up, said “Daddy” and proceeded to look for him under the covers (cute) and was wide awake; so I scooped her up and after a quick nappy change and a even quicker change for Mama I decided to make the most of this ‘interruption’ and head out the door to the supermarket!

With a yoghurt cake and home made bird feeders on the plans for the day I had a few things to pick up.

The air was cold, I scraped the ice off the car and Sienna-Raine and I ventured out into the early morning world – we blasted out one of my favourite morning anthem’s and prayed all the way!

Sienna-Raine brought a smile to all the morning shoppers, we chatted to the old ladies as they adoringly soaked in her baby smile, we found bargains, we found blessings and we beat the clock!

We returned home to a handsome hubby ready for work, older children still snoozing and the bright day ahead of us!

As Sienna-Raine munched on fresh fruit and I brewed a pot of Earl grey tea I thought of Proverbs 19:21
“You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail”; with the right attitude and a peaceful heart we can turn these ‘interruptions’ into beautiful opportunities.

Right, off I go – the cake is calling and the birds are hungry! Thanks for popping by this week; I’ll be around quietly over the weekend but join me next week for our great bird feeder recipe, a tutorial on baby signing for beginners and few creative ideas for narration work with your Charlotte Mason little learners!

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Today I’m linking up with ‘Big Family Friday‘, wander over there and say Hi!

Many blessing from our home to yours

Photo: Sienna-Raine & Nyah, my precious daughters
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  1. January 14, 2012 10:56 pm

    Hi! Thank you for stopping by my blog! I read your "about me" posts – we have a lot in common! Keep in touch! x

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