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Peace not Perfection – part 1

February 25, 2012

It all starts with a decision!

I’m not the tidiest, most organised person in the world; I like order around me, I’m pretty laid back, but have realised over time that I’m a hopeless perfectionist; and if it can’t be perfect or if I haven’t got time to make it ‘perfect’ then it doesn’t get done at all!

So here I am; home educating mother of 4, wife to hard-working hubby and we’re site pastors of a local church – when do I have time for perfect? Hardly ever – and the piles of perfect build up around me; they cloud my mind and steal my time and I’m trapped in my ever failing attempts of perfect.

I find myself here in 2012 – deciding to be deliberate and intentional about all I am and all I want to become and I know I want peace, not perfection – I want freedom, not a face lift!

So here marks my journey to peace, and not perfection

From living to laundry, from patience to planning, from devotions to dust, and everything in between, I’m seeking peace, not perfection.

I’m learning to build my home, to do it all for the Glory of God and disciple my daughters in the light of His wisdom and my journey.

I know you can look all over the blogosphere and find out tips and ideas galore on how to organise your home, arrange your pantry and pin your socks together so you don’t lose them; all amazing and needed information but what I want to do is get to the heart of the home-maker; to see beyond the tasks, lists and chores. I want to find a pattern of consistent habits and routines, an attitude of heart that will stay with us through trial, hardship, sickness, pregnancy and a growing family; to pursue peace in all that we put our hand to so that He might be glorified.

There is nothing small or insignificant about the two hours you spent cleaning out the linen cupboard today or the hour you spent ironing your husbands shirts for the week but lift up your head and let God arise; see the eternal in the ethereal and embrace the opportunity to bless. Blessing comes from the hands of a peaceful heart – let’s find that place together.

So thus begins a series, an invitation to follow my journey, an opportunity to revisit and find peace, not perfection!

Part 2 – What are your peace pressure points?

Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it Psalm 34:14

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  1. February 26, 2012 12:33 am

    I am a perfectionist, too. But I have had to learn to let go of some things and realize that it will never be the way I envision it. The house will never be clean enough, I will never have enough laundry done, etc..
    And I too, want peace, not perfection. Thanks for this wonderful reminder, Leah. 🙂
    Many blessings to you and yours,

  2. February 28, 2012 10:12 am

    Amen Sister!

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