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Peace not Perfection – part 3

March 7, 2012

Planning promotes peace

Where there is no vision, the people perish Prov 29:18

Whatever walk of life of sphere of work you’ve been or are involved in you can’t deny that without prior planning our responsibilities can get pretty stressful and the results can be disastrous.

I’ve had periods of time in my life where I’ve run on crisis management; we’d madly rush round tidying the house when visitors were coming, I’ve winged my way through a school term, I’ve pulled a meal together at 5pm out of whatever I can find, and we’ve stressfully dressed all 6 of in a rush on a Sunday morning; there is only so long you can survive like that and believe me it is not pleasant for anyone; especially not you.

Planning is a purposeful way of pursuing and promoting peace in your life and your home

I’ve learnt and am continuing to learn how to plan…everything! The more areas of our life that we plan the more we find freedom, experience less stress and ultimately peace reigns. Much of what I’m writing about here is a work in progress but I’m finding peace in new area’s of my life everyday.

I don’t use any expensive programme or fancy book; I’ve tried and tested a few but discovered that planning is a very personal thing and I work best with a day book (A4 page-a-day diary), a pen, oh and a couple of packs of pretty Cath Kidston post-it notes!

So what do I do?

Here are a few things (I’m sure I’ll think of others as soon as I click ‘publish’!) that I’ve been doing for a while that have brought peace in our home:

  • I give it ALL to God: “Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” Prov 16:3
  • Every morning I plan my day’s work in my A4 diary; I write down what we’re having for dinner, what admin I need to do that day, what my housework goals are, details of a blog post if I’m writing one, any shopping that needs to be done and any other miscellaneous instructions to myself.
  • If I remember a job or date that needs to be actioned a different day, I write it on a post-it note (so I can move it round if needed) and put it on the appropriate page/date.
  • I have created a simple weekly/daily plan for our schooling (watch out for post next week) which I rarely change, this makes planning easier, even if some days I’m only a day ahead of the children
  • I used to make detailed meal plans but the structure was a bit too tight for me and didn’t quite fit with the way I shop (frugally, always looking for bargains and sale items to put in my freezer). When I’ve shopped and filled my cupboards and freezer I write down a list of 7 possible meals from the food that we’ve got and each day choose one to make. I prefer a bit of ‘planned spontaneity’!
  • I try try try to get all clothes out, ironed and hung up on a Saturday night for a Sunday morning (we have to be out early); when I do it’s heaven!!
  • We budget; we have a working excel spreadsheet which I complete every month, we keep every receipt and we know where every penny is going and where it’s allocated to (this a new thing we’ve perfected over the past 18 months), I keep on top of it and fill it in every couple of days – no matter how small or large your income is, budgeting gives you wings!
  • I try to have an non-school/non-blog admin night once a week where I catch up on any outstanding bits, update finances, file (that needs work!) and check through all the emails I’ve ignored (!!)
  • I have a morning routine and am working on my evening routine (Mama tiredness is a tough one to compete with after the children are in bed hey?); some things in my morning routine I’ve done for years and don’t even think about any more; it’s worth persisting with habit training for you and your children to promote peace in your home

So do you have a perfect planning tip?  What do you do well that promotes peace in your home?

She gets up before dawn to prepare breakfast for her household and plan the day’s work for her servant girls. Prov 31:15

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  1. Sharon permalink
    March 8, 2012 10:29 am

    Hmmm – have lots of planning tips! Here are a few things I do:

    Laundry on particular days- eg. whites Monday, colours Tuesday. Washing goes on overnight (economy 7) so it can also go in the dryer on economy 7 when I get up – eases my conscience slightly about using the dryer!
    Ironing in the morning before school run – the boys also do music practice (and used to do reading) before school. They are a lot less tired and more likely to do it well.
    I have a big magnetic weekly planner on the fridge. Fill it in on Sunday nights with where everyone has to be each day.
    Swimming lessons on Sunday morning before church – early start, but it keeps Saturdays free.
    Try to do menu planning but a bit lax about this lately as the boys have school dinners so they only have a sandwich for tea. Also trying to be frugal lately so dinners sometimes depend on what’s on offer!
    Chris and I use Google calendar on our phones – we can then see what each other is doing.

    • leahboden permalink*
      March 8, 2012 4:57 pm

      LOVE it Sharon – you’ve always been very organised!!

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