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Spring indeed!

March 27, 2012

Mummy and Micah worshipping together

Popping by in between counting pairs of socks, sorting clothes and packing for my family to go our separate ways for a couple of days. Dave and I (and Sienna-Raine) are going to a leadership conference whilst our children are being cared for by precious friends, then as soon as we return we have a 24 hour turn around before Dave heads off to Mexico for a week to scout the land for a possible future mission trip for the young people he works with.

We have been blessed with some perfect spring days brimming with sunshine; the children are enjoying the outdoors and I’m itching to launch my gardening projects. This past weekend we enjoyed a day out with friends on a canal boat; the pace is so gloriously slow; we picnicked at a farm and had fun introducing Sienna to chickens and pigs!

Dave learing the ropes and loving it

The handsome ‘captain’!

I’m hoping to take-on a ‘canal boat’ style pace next week (as much as one can with a newly walking toddler and three other lively children!) whilst missing my husband; reading, gardening, blogging, spring cleaning and catching up with a few friends…

So until then…

Sienna-Raine in a box!

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