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Inspired by Poetry

June 18, 2012

We’re so privileged this week to be hosting David and Meagan Bowden during their first visit and (mini) tour here in the UK; David is a gifted and anointed spoken word poet from the USA – we’ve been watching his stuff on YouTube for a while, in fact I’m not ashamed to say we’ve been blown away by it.

Thought I’d share one of my favourites  from his CD ‘Twelve‘ (twelve spiritual disciplines)…even better if you can hear him perform it!


Candlelight Dinner for Two (Solitude)

One day

God slipped me a divine invitation

To a candlelight dinner for two

He drew a beautiful incantation

That made me feel less persuaded and more pursued

“Come out from the multitude” he wrote, “I want to dine with you in solitude”

Immediately I was in pursuit

Leaving the audience of eyes I was in service to

I had always been a victim of public servitude

Needing people to see me

Recognition was my being

Attention gave me meaning

If ever I went somewhere alone

I left a little bird behind,

Singing of me, tweeting

But now I was retreating

Away from the eyes of others

Into a night, alone with my Father

I followed my divine invitation farther and farther

Until I was no longer able to walk

And that’s where I found the table

At the line where the wilderness begins

And civilization stops

There was God

Dressed in stillness

Robed in rest

The table set

With the utensils of quietness

We began by devouring

My insecurities

The appetizer appeased my appetite for approval’s applause

No longer did I hunger for other’s

Healing attention gauze

For I was whetted with undivided obsession from my God

I started to forget the multitude as I dined with him in solitude

The entrée

Made its way

To my plate

And as it took shape

I started to shake

For I saw on the tray

A clock that was sure to take

What was surely mine

For I realized

We were going to be

Eating time

But as I digested the time-tested clock

I stopped

Constantly checking my watch

And only watched his eyes on mine

The longer I spent away from the multitude the more time was consumed in solitude

Once we finished the main course and time was devoured

I got the urge to leave and tell everyone of my divine encounter

But he told me it was not time to depart from the desert

For he had prepared for me one final dessert

Now that I had been taught

To dine with God in a quiet place

The eyes of others to forsake

In his presence to make time wait

Now I was ready for the softness of his voice

The icing of his words

In one sweet sentence of his cake

Finally I escaped from the voices of the multitude

and heard my God whisper softly to me in solitude

And that’s where he invites you

God’s slipping into your hands

A divine invitation to a

Candlelight dinner for two

An invitation to

Hide from the eyes that surround you

Rid yourself of the lies that hound you

Break free from this thing called time that enshrouds you

And to be alone with the one who is all around you

Hear his voice, for you are being pursued

“Come out from the multitude”, he says,

“I want to dine with you in solitude”


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