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November 5, 2014

IMG_20140930_152021 (1)

Yep – I’ve jumped back in feet first; I’m sat here waiting for my ‘real foods’ package to arrive (in serious need of rice malt syrup), the table is covered in papers I’m working on, big kids are out Geocaching and my little ones are wiping blue chalk off my living room coffee table…as they got it on there but in this ‘imperfect’ moment I’m popping on to tap our some words.

If you’re new here a big hello to you *waves* and if you’re an golden oldie Home Grown Babies follower then thanks for coming back. I was tinkering about with this blog for a few years when my children were younger…and I was younger; but lots has changed but some things have stayed the same. So I’ll endeavour to update the pics and bio; give you a little peak into our home-schooling, whole-food eating, church leading, spirit filled life and hope you’ll visit from time to time.

My package has arrived – my little ones are trying to open it; so before they squeeze out my fluoride free toothpaste and throw the raw cacoa powder around the living room I’ll bid you adieu!


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